About Us

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Established in 1995, Effective Governance is now Australasia’s largest and most experienced independent corporate governance consulting firm.

Our mission is to deliver measurable value to our clients by assisting them with their governance, strategy and risk needs.

We believe that in order for governance to be effective, outcomes or recommendations from us must be specifically tailored to the type of organisation, taking account of its industry dynamics

How to create value
Having undertaken over 350 board reviews in the last ten years, we have built a reputation for delivering practical results in ways that promote unity and alignment amongst all stakeholders and key outcomes to assist the corporate vision to become a reality through achieving a High Performance Board.


To be the innovative provider of effective governance and strategic advisory services through leading edge research


Open Communication
We value open, clear, constructive and timely communication.

We are supportive of each other in all that we do and foster a trusting and enjoyable work environment.

We behave with integrity at all times and treat all people with dignity and respect.

Efficiency and professionalism
We are committed to delivering high quality, ethical services to our clients in an efficient manner.

We achieve success and enhance our opportunities through innovation and creativity.