Board Establishment

Why establish a board?

If any of the following questions are keeping you awake at night, it may be time to think about establishing a board for your SME beyond what is required under law:

Whether the board is an advisory or governing body will depend on the nature of the company and its strategy. However, an effective governance structure can significantly increase the long-term viability of the business:

Effective Governance will work with you to achieve your business goals through either an advisory board or governance board.

We will ensure that:

Our Approach

Board establishment will generally involve the following steps:

Board Establishment Process

Avoiding director selection mistakes

The selection and appointment of directors is one area where mistakes are often made in board establishment. For example, it is especially important for a new board to include directors with governance experience rather than simply looking for directors who are accountants, lawyers or industry experts.

We focus on both the necessary and desirable competencies of directors, e.g. governance experience as well as technical skills such as accounting, marketing or IT.

In establishing a governance framework, we will also include a process for regularly reviewing the board’s capability requirements against the mix of composition. This will ensure that the board can develop and evolve in line with business requirements.

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