Director Skills/Competency Assessment

Effective Governance are leaders in establishing robust director competency frameworks that can be used by boards to identify director skill gaps, and ensure the skills of the current directors are being properly utilised.

Questions that should be asked:

Many boards have a simple matrix, however shareholders/members and key stakeholders are demanding a more structured process to achieve a professional outcome.

Director Skills/Competency Assessment Process

Effective Governance’s standard director skills assessment process provides the board with a deep insight into what skills the individual board members posses and the skills the board requires. Collection of the data is via online survey, and is broken up into four sections:

These four sections are based on the same framework found in our book, Directors at Work and is also the basis for our Director (Self and Peer) Contribution Appraisal.

Alignment with ASX Principles

Our approach to assessing director skills and reporting allows board’s to comply with ASX Principles and Recommendations:

Sample of Director Skills/Competency Assessment Questionnaire

Each competency has three questions asked to assess director skills and board requirement:

Director Skills Survey SampleClick here to see the director skills/competency assessment questionnaire tool in action.

Sample of Director Skills/Competency Assessment Report

The reports allow a clear view of the skills available to the board for shareholders/members to select a skills-based board, and to assist in determining appropriate professional development for existing directors.

Internal Reporting of Director Skills/Competencies

Director Skills Report Sample Internal

External Reporting of Director Skills/Competencies

Director Skills Report Sample External

Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries about the process or wish to arrange a Director Skills/Competency Assessment today.