Director Placement

Helping Boards efficiently and effectively find Directors with the skills the Board needs

Boards are continually challenged to ensure they have a diverse blend of Directors with the skills and experience which match the strategic direction of their organisations. Efficiently and effectively gaining access to suitable candidates, without excessive fees, is also often difficult.

For Director candidates – leading with your skills rather than relying on the ‘network’

Finding a Board position can be a daunting task for both seasoned Directors and those seeking their first Directorship. Without a strong network to assist you, finding a placement on a Board that will benefit from your unique skill set can be not only time consuming, but also costly.

Skills Assessment – A proven framework

Effective Governance has assisted over 100 Boards in identifying the skills gaps that exists on their Boards in the last five years. Based on our experience, we have found that an analysis of Director competencies should consider four areas of competency: industry; technical; governance; and behavioural.[1]

Effective Governance has now developed a process to enable better targeted Director placement based on assessment of Board competencies, identifying the skills gaps on the current Board and matching them with individuals who have the skills the Board is seeking.

The Director candidates are Directors with whom Effective Governance has worked with and are thus a known quantity.

Our Process – for Boards

We have found that once Boards had identified a skills gap, there was no efficient way of running their Director recruitment process to easily identify the most appropriately skilled Director. With this in mind, we created a system that allows Director candidates to input their governance, technical and industry skills for matching to Boards with a vacancy and a known skills gap.

The overall process is as follows:

  • The Board completes a Director skills/competency assessment (having undertaken this process the Directors are offered the opportunity to join our candidate database for other potential placements);
  • Skills gaps are identified;
  • The Board’s skill requirements are then matched against our potential Director database, which takes into account their relevant industry skills;
  • A short list of potential Directors is generated and their CVs are cross-checked to verify competencies in relevant areas;
  • The short list is provided to the Board for consideration with potential Directors notified that they are on the shortlist and the Board will be in contact with them; and
  • Should the Board require further assistance, we can work with the Board to select the preferred candidate, as well as assist in the on-boarding process.

Our Process – Directors Seeking a Placement

If you worked with Effective Governance and you would like to be considered for further Director placements, we ask that once you have received a link to the survey you:

  • Respond to the relevant personal details (name, contact number, email, location, past Board positions and current Board positions);
  • Upload your CV;
  • Answer 11 questions around your governance experience;
  • Answer 13 questions regarding your technical knowledge; and
  • Provide any areas of expertise relevant to your industry experience.

(As Director placement is a self-assessment, we omit the behavioural section of our skills questionnaire)


[1]Source: Kiel, G., Nicholson, G., Tunny, J. A. & Beck, J. 2012. Directors at Work: A Practical Guide for Boards. Sydney: Thomson Reuters