Charity and/or Non-Profit Entity

A major driver of governance systems is the regulatory and legal environment in which a Charity and/or Non-Profit organisation operates.
Through our extensive experience, we understand the challenges and the opportunities your environment presents, particularly with increasing regulatory obligations through the commencement of the Charities and Not-for-Profit Commission (ACNC).

At Effective Governance we assist you to create a sustainable organisation that balances mission/purpose and business imperatives through value adding governance activities.

Value of Governance

  • Good Governance provides stakeholder confidence for ongoing funding for service delivery of Charities and Not-for-Profits.
  • Compliance with Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit Commission Expectations.
  • The review of the CEO can be a challenging process and discussion, reflecting upon expectations is a healthy and robust process that will improve the relationship of the board and the CEO.


‘As Chairman of St Vincent and Mercy Private Hospital, I was very impressed with the professional approach undertaken by the team from Effective Governance.
The scope of the review was relevant and detailed and enabled quality reports to be produced which summarised succinctly and clearly the salient points and a roadmap going forward. The Senior Advisor was always available to assist and the presentation to the board was excellent, well done to all.’

Jack O’Connell, Chair,
St Vincent and Mercy Private Hospital

How eG adds value through services we deliver

  • Board charter that clearly establishes the role of the board and the delineation between governance and management
  • Board review to demonstrate the value the board adds to your organisation
  • Board maturity assessment to provide benchmarking of governance systems across different organisations and to assist in increasing non-government funding
  • Committee review to determine the value the committee structure delivers to the governance systems
  • Director remuneration review to ensure directors are remunerated fairly for the work undertaken and value delivered to your organisation
  • CEO review to ensure a robust performance review process exists which provides the whole board with the opportunity for input
  • Risk facilitation to ensure the board has an agreed risk appetite statement supported by a robust risk framework