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Board’s have an expectation that board papers will have the correct format, content, analysis and style. Effective Governance offers a half-day workshop for senior executives and management that is tailored to your organisation to help you and your team produce great papers for your board.

Effective Governance has extensive experience in providing tailored workshops and training to meet the needs of our clients and our Board Paper Writing Course is no exception. We will work with your chair, directors, company secretary and/or CEO/managing director to find what areas need to be focused on and customise our approach.

Our Board Paper Writing Course covers the following:

  • The role of board papers and how they are used in the boardroom.
  • The level of detail required within the papers.
  • The structure and style of the board paper and the need for standardisation.
  • Considerations that the writer should take when preparing a paper.
  • The types of board papers.

In addition, Effective Governance can work with your organisation to develop a board paper writing policy which your management team can use as a reference tool when writing board papers.

Feel free to contact us for more information or to request a proposal.

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Zac Zahner
Managing Director
Zac works closely with boards and management teams to deliver improved governance structure and set strategic objectives. Zac has previously worked with professional chartered accounting practices, as CFO of retail and rental companies and more recently...
Stephen Howell
Principal Advisor
Stephen is the Principal Advisor for Effective Governance Pty Ltd, a corporate governance consultant, forensic accountant, company director and former company secretary, external auditor, corporate regulator and CFO with a focus on contributing to the...
Melissa Grundy
Senior Advisor
Melissa is a Senior Advisor with Effective Governance, a governance consultant, accountant, former company secretary and market supervisor. Melissa’s focus is on corporate and regulatory governance stemming from her strong background in the...
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