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Since the board is responsible for all the actions and decisions of an organisation, it needs to have in place specific charters, policies and similar governance documentation to guide organisational behaviour. We can assist your board to review current governance documentation or to develop this essential documentation to ensure it is meeting the needs of the board and organisation. The documents your board may need to review or develop include:

  • Board charter – a policy document that clearly defines the roles, responsibilities, authorities and processes of the board and senior management.
  • Risk management policy and framework – principles of good governance require the board to establish a comprehensive system of risk management, risk oversight, compliance, and internal control for the organisation.
  • Board agenda – an agenda that works for the board, prioritising strategic issues over operational matters.
  • Board induction policy and program – board induction is essential to ensuring that new directors become productive contributors to the board as quickly as possible.
  • Board paper policy and procedure – a policy designed to guide management in writing board papers that deliver what the board needs to know.
  • Committee charters – a policy document that clearly defines the scope of each committee so that it can work for the board.
  • Remuneration policy – sets out the level and structure of compensation for both directors and senior executives.
  • Conflict of interest policy and procedure – clearly defines a conflict of interest in the organisation’s context, and what to do when one arises.
  • Communications strategy – communicate effectively with stakeholders.
  • Code of conduct/ethics – articulates the standards of behaviour expected of directors, senior executives and employees as well as the consequences of breaching those standards.
  • Anti-bribery and corruption policy – to ensure the board is informed of any material incidents of bribery or corruption and protect the organisation from reputation risk.
  • Whistleblowing policy – a practical policy designed to meet compliance and/or regulatory requirements.
  • Work health and safety policy – sets out the commitment of the organisation to providing safe and healthy workplaces for all workers, customers and other visitors and to ensure the organisation takes all reasonably practicable steps to ensure the health and safety of persons affected by its business or undertaking.

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Key contacts
Zac Zahner
Managing Director
Zac works closely with boards and management teams to deliver improved governance structure and set strategic objectives. Zac has previously worked with professional chartered accounting practices, as CFO of retail and rental companies and more recently...
Stephen Howell
Principal Advisor
Stephen is the Principal Advisor for Effective Governance Pty Ltd, a corporate governance consultant, forensic accountant, company director and former company secretary, external auditor, corporate regulator and CFO with a focus on contributing to the...
Melissa Grundy
Senior Advisor
Melissa is a Senior Advisor with Effective Governance, a governance consultant, accountant, former company secretary and market supervisor. Melissa’s focus is on corporate and regulatory governance stemming from her strong background in the...
Mark Watson CSC
Senior Advisor
As well as having led public sector and not-for-profit organisations at a senior level, Mark possesses an extensive background in governance including having held senior positions as the principal private secretary to the head of a large Commonwealth...
Simon Clayer
Senior Advisor
Simon is a Senior Advisor with Effective Governance. He brings extensive legal experience coupled with over 30 years’ experience in business to advise clients on corporate governance, strategy and risk. His areas of expertise include corporate...
Ian Doyle
Specialist Advisor – Culture and Conduct Risk
Ian Doyle is Human Resources Professional with over 25 years’ experience in HR roles in the Banking and Insurance Industries. Ian started his Human Resources career in Westpac ultimately having responsibility for Senior HR portfolios across the Qld...
Cate Jolley
Senior Advisor
Cate aligns twenty years of commercial and legal experience with communications expertise to assist clients with a range of strategy planning, stakeholder engagement strategies, board and executive management issues. A skilled facilitator and communicator...
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