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eG Update – week of 20 April 2020

The Effective Governance Weekly Wrap: With us now being well into the ‘Working from Home’ routine and our team doing their part to #stayhome and #flattenthecurve, we have been very active with our clients and presenting professional development training sessions and board review workshops.

So, what has our Team been up to this week?

We are in the midst of finalising the reporting for a comprehensive Board review of an APRA-regulated entity. The review involved an online questionnaire and individual director and senior management interviews using digital technology in accordance with the current COVID-19 restrictions. The review also featured a comprehensive governance documentation review. The outcomes off the review will be delivered in two reports, one on the board and chair review and the other on the documentation review. These reports will be presented to directors via Zoom at the end of next month, so the Board can discuss the recommendations from these reports and plan next steps based on the agreements reached at the meeting.

Another one of eG’s senior advisors has been undertaking a variety of work over the past few weeks:

  • A review of governance documentation for a large not-for-profit organisation;
  • A board and chair review for a religious organisation;
  • Board paper writing training for a large not-for-profit organisation;
  • Training for a group of auditors on how to identify red flags associated with conduct risk and how to have what could be difficult conversations to draw this information to the attention of the organisation;
  • Company secretarial support services for a large not-for-profit organisation

Two of our senior advisors have commenced work with a client to enable them to conduct a self- assessment of the security of their information and information assets. As a first step, we are developing a gap analysis checklist based on the requirements of AS ISO/IEC 27001: 2015 – Information Security Management Systems.

As part of a governance restructure for a client we carried out a Zoom workshop from which we were able to address the key change items in the constitution as well as how we would practically achieve these changes. The use of the technology alongside a PowerPoint presentation allowed discussion as well as a great way to share key information quickly.