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Seven tips for securing your Zoom meetings for board use

As with the rest of the world, Australian boards are turning to online video conferencing to conduct their meetings virtually in this age of social distancing. With this relatively new frontier, there may be several inherent risks to conducting meetings online, including trolls ‘Zoombombing’ unsuspecting meetings providing an unwanted distraction, and malicious actors secretly accessing your webcam and audio without your permission. Today, we have seven tips to assist your board in being more secure using Zoom:

  1. Be sure that your application is up to date, with the increased popularity of Zoom, security researchers and hackers have turned their attention to exploiting Zoom. The best way to protect yourself is to make sure your software is up to date.
  2. Have a dedicated person responsible for organising the meeting for your board, so that the participants know that the invitation is valid.
  3. Have the meeting host password protect your meetings, this will stop uninvited ‘guests’ Zoombombing meetings and will give you peace of mind that your conversations will remain between only those invited.
  4. If you are the meeting host, be sure you are familiar with how to manage a meeting and remove participants, if someone gains access without your permission.
  5. Have the host disable the ability to record the meeting, you don’t want recordings of your board meetings being leaked to shareholders/stakeholders, the media or competitors.
  6. Enable encryption for the participants so that the information being sent to the Zoom servers and the participants (audio and video) cannot be intercepted by malicious third parties.
  7. Disable private chat from the meetings, as you don’t want participants having sideline discussions during the meetings.

With these tips you can feel safer that the content of your meetings remains between you and your participants.