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Board, Director and CEO Evaluation

Board, Director and CEO Evaluation

a no-nonsense, practical guide for all boards and directors.

Authors: Geoffrey Kiel, Gavin Nicholson, Mary Anne Barclay

When a board hits the front page of the newspaper as a result, for example, of corporate failure, questionable ethics or conflict within the board, the damage has been done and remedial action is either impossible or comes at a considerable cost. The challenge for all boards is to take action before there is a crisis.

Performance evaluation is a major means by which boards can recognise and correct such corporate governance problems and add real value to the organisations they govern. It is a key component of the performance management system for any board

The authors’ experiences with many different boards have shown them that, while many organisations now see the benefits of regular performance evaluation, there are few sources of practical advice on how to establish and run a board evaluation. In Board, Director and CEO Evaluation, Geoffrey Kiel, Gavin Nicholson and Mary Anne Barclay provide a pragmatic and helpful resource for those seeking information on how to carry out a board and/or CEO evaluation.

The authors discuss current thinking in best practice corporate governance and the benefits of board evaluation. They provide a framework that can be used to develop a successful board evaluation process appropriate to the organisation, whether it is listed on the stock exchange, a small family company or a not-for-profit organisation.

Diagrams, figures, checklists and practical examples are used throughout to illustrate the key concepts developed in the book. Sample questionnaires are also provided that can be used to evaluate boards, committees and individual directors.

The book provides a no-nonsense, practical guide for all boards and directors.

Everything covered in this book has been updated in our more recent book Reviewing Your Board - A Guide to Board and Director Evaluation. If you need assistance reviewing your board, feel free to contact us.