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Board reviews are a great tool to evaluate the performance of the board at a singular point in time, but what about the tracking the performance of the board over the course of the year? Effective Governance has developed a service which allows board’s to gain insight into the effectiveness of their meetings with real-time feedback after each meeting. This service is designed to work in conjunction with our board diagnostic as it provides the basis for the areas of focus for each board meeting to track progress over the year, however any topic can be addressed if needed.

Our board meeting evaluation system includes:

  • The provision of a director questionnaire for each board meeting over a 12 month period (either physical or online questionnaire).
  • Data collation.
  • Charts showing the results for up to the last 12 meetings, which allows directors to see how the various aspects of the meetings have been improving or deteriorating over time.
  • Preparation of a report on the findings prior to the next board meeting.
  • Provision of recommendations on the findings, if required.

For more information on our Board Meeting Evaluation or to obtain a quote for your organisation, please contact us.

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