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A strong relationship between the board and management is a critical part of good governance.  A structured approach to CEO assessment gives boards a greater likelihood of optimising their relationship with the CEO, while improving the overall performance of the organisation.

Effective Governance’s approach to CEO assessment allows the board to determine how well the CEO has performed over the reporting period and to determine the CEO’s development needs. The most effective review of the CEO requires objective and reliable data, we utilise a number of leading practice tools and processes to measure the performance of the CEO:

  • eG CEO Performance Evaluation – is used to determine whether the CEO is meeting the board’s expectations and incorporates the views of the CEO’s direct reports. Which may include a review of their performance against KPIs, if required.
  • 360° Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ 360°) – the full range of leadership competencies are rated by those who most rely on and are most influenced by the CEO.
  • CEO Behavioural Profile – assesses the behaviours of the CEO, and complements the assessment debrief with ongoing coaching to remediate any behaviours detrimental to the CEO’s performance.

These processes can be used individually or together to achieve the board’s desired outcome.

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