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Support to meet your whistleblower reporting obligations

Every company should strive to develop and maintain a culture of ethical conduct and ensure the culture is spread throughout their organisation.

Public companies, large proprietary companies and proprietary companies that are trustees of registrable superannuation entities will be required to have a whistleblower policy and make it available to their officers and employees by 1 January 2020.1

It is therefore important for companies to create a positive and open environment where employees feel they can come forward to make a disclosure under that policy.

Senior leadership should demonstrate their commitment to the entity’s whistleblower policy by ensuring disclosures are taken seriously and acted on immediately, that wrongdoing is addressed promptly, disclosers are provided with adequate protections and support, and early interventions are made to protect disclosers from detriment.

However, there may be circumstances when an employee does not feel comfortable disclosing their complaint to management.

To overcome this, Effective Governance provides companies with a confidential whistleblowing reporting service.

How does the service work?

We provide employers with a 24/7 dedicated telephone service which is available for your employees to discuss and report their complaint or issue under the company’s whistleblower policy. Our legally qualified and experienced advisor will explain your whistleblower policy to the employee and the process to be followed, including:

  • the purpose of the whistleblower policy;
  • the criteria for a discloser to qualify for protection as a whistleblower under the Corporations Act;
  • disclosures that relate solely to personal work-related grievances do not fall under the whistleblower policy;
  • the circumstances when a disclosure about a personal work-related grievance qualifies for protection;
  • the investigation process;
  • how the employer will support whistleblowers and protect them from detriment, including confidentiality during the process;
  • outline the steps the employer will take after it receives a disclosure and explain that each disclosure will be assessed to determine whether it falls within the whistleblower policy; and
  • how the employer will ensure fair treatment of its employees who are mentioned in disclosures that qualify for protection, or its employees who are the subject of disclosures.

Once we have recorded the details of the complaint, we will discuss the issues raised with your nominated officer and the next steps to be taken. We guarantee to protect the anonymity of your employees unless they have given permission to disclose their identity.

eG’s Whistleblower Reporting Service is available on an annual fee which includes up to five reports to the dedicated telephone service each year and the initial reporting to your nominated officer.

If you wish to make a whistleblower report, please check your employer’s whistleblower policy for the contact details of your disclosure officer or reporting service provider.

For further information or to request a proposal, please contact us.

Section 1317AI of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth)

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