Boardroom Barometer – Meeting Evaluation

The board meeting, along with the processes that inform it, is the director’s chief source of information and the key venue for board decision making. Through effective communication and collective action, successful meetings achieve organisational goals and leave everyone feeling positive, motivated and productive.

Effective Governance has created the Boardroom Barometer to assist organisations develop their board meetings. The Boardroom Barometer is an meeting evaluation tool that is based on the premise that continuous real-time feedback is just as important as annual major board evaluation exercises. This feedback enables the board to make changes to inadequate or dysfunctional processes before they become ingrained in the governance system.

The Boardroom Barometer includes:

  • The provision of a director questionnaire for each board meeting over a 12 month period;
  • Data collation;
  • Charts show the results for up to the last 12 meetings, which allows directors to see how the various aspects of the meetings have been improving or deteriorating over time;
  • Preparation of a report on the findings prior to the next board meeting;
  • Provision of recommendations on the findings, if required.

Recommended Meeting Evaluation Topics

Meeting evaluation is a way for the board to continually refine and improve not only its meeting processes, but also its board dynamics and decision making. We can tailor the Boardroom Barometer to your specific needs. However, we recommend that the review included the following topics:

  • overall conduct of the meeting;
  • the appropriateness of the agenda items and the time devoted to those agenda items;
  • focus on strategy and risk;
  • board papers and resolutions – their content, format and clarity;
  • the clarity of decisions reached;
  • preparedness for the meeting by board members;
  • participation by board members; and
  • ideas for improvements to meeting processes and procedures.

Boardroom Barometer Sample Graphs

The graphs below are examples of how the results are reported to the board.

Boardroom Barometer (meeting evaluation) Graph 1Boardroom Barometer (meeting evaluation) Graph 2For more information about how the boardroom barometer can assist in your meeting evaluations please contact us.