Governance Review

What is a governance review?

Any governance review will be unique to the organisation and will depend on factors such as the organisation’s ownership, legal structure, regulatory environment, culture and the outcomes sought in undertaking a review. As such, our approach is customised for each client’s needs. For example, areas of focus in a governance review may include:

However, since the underpinnings of a governance framework are common to most organisations, we use our well-known Corporate Governance Practice Framework shown below to guide our approach.

Corporate Governance Practice Framework

Corporate Governance Practice Framework

Source: G. Kiel, G. Nicholson, J.A. Tunny & J. Beck, 2012, Directors at Work: A Practical Guide for Boards, Thomson Reuters, Sydney.

Governance documentation review

Since the board is ultimately responsible for all the actions and decisions of an organisation, it will need to have in place specific charters, policies and similar governance documentation to guide organisational behaviour. We can assist your board to review current governance documentation or to develop this essential documentation to ensure it is meeting the needs of the board and organisation as a whole. The documents your board may need to review or develop include:

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