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Stephen Howell
Director and Principal Advisor

Stephen is the Principal Advisor for Effective Governance Pty Ltd, a corporate governance consultant, forensic accountant, company director and former company secretary, external auditor, corporate regulator and CFO with a focus on contributing to the professional development and governance of corporate Australia. Stephen has thirty years’ experience as a governance professional with expertise in corporate and regulatory governance, culture and conduct risk and administrative and civil law application. He consults predominantly to corporate boards, university councils and regulatory boards, conducting reviews and evaluations of council member and director performance. His practice includes the provision of professional development in applied corporate governance for directors and senior executives.

With a background as a corporate regulator, forensic accountant and experienced non-executive director, Stephen offers his expertise in risk, compliance and director behavioural dynamics. Stephen is the chairman of Emmanuel College at The University of Queensland (UQ). The college is the oldest and largest residential and tutural college at UQ.

Stephen is a fellow of CPA Australia; a fellow of the Australasian Mutuals Institute; and is the recipient of an Australian Day Medal for service to corporate governance in Australia and South East Asia. With strong financial management qualifications and experience, he is a formally acknowledged and demonstrated corporate governance expert in Australia.