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Board, Director and Committee Reviews

Board reviews are the means by which boards can demonstrate they have the knowledge, skills and ability to fulfil their roles and responsibilities. Boards perform optimally if all of the directors are being utilised in areas that complement their skills and areas of expertise.

Over the past two decades, Effective Governance has assisted over 600 boards in reviewing and improving their performance. During this time, we have evaluated, developed and refined our process to provide boards with an efficient yet comprehensive tool to review their performance. We also work with boards using our individual director review process to focus on the contribution a director makes in the boardroom.  

We are the authors of several of Australia’s Leading Governance publications including Boards that Work: A New Guide for Directors, Directors at Work: A Practical Guide for Boards and Reviewing Your Board: A Guide to Board and Director Evaluation.

Referencing the High Performance Board Model, we utilise customisable online surveys, documentation reviews and face to face (or digital face to face) interviews for the review process to provide boards with a diagnostic report that captures the current performance of the board as a whole, or for individual directors and committees.  We also supplement our comprehensive report with an in-boardroom workshop to clarify any issues facing the board as well a governance road map to provide the board with a clear path to follow to resolve any issues identified.

If you would like to understand more about our board, director and committee review process or to request a proposal, please contact us or one of our lead advisors.