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Our approach to strategy also recognises that it is important for boards to discuss and clarify the organisation’s risk appetite with management as part of the strategy process.

Effective Governance’s suite of services are designed to help the board and management continually improve their skills in strategy insight and practice, and work in partnership to develop and deliver on the organisation’s goals. These services help address the common problems faced by organisations in developing and executing strategy.

Strategy Review

Helps organisations ensure that their strategic management systems continue to be excellent and create long-term value. Involving

  • Reviewing the organisation’s full strategic management system including: strategic infrastructure; planning hierarchy; planning documents; and processes for planning, decision making, implementation and review;
  • Developing a report that highlights performance against each of the key components of strategic management, strengths and areas for improvement.

Strategic Direction

  • Strategy discussion – dedicated time for strategic thinking and decision-making in a facilitated workshop with the board and/or senior management.
  • Setting the strategic direction – develops a clear and concise statement of strategic intent for the organisation. It involves pre-work to understand the strategic landscape and a facilitated workshop with the board and senior management to develop or refine the organisation’s key strategy statements (i.e. vision, mission, values, goals and strategy statement).

Strategic Planning

  • Developing a high-level strategic plan that identifies major strategic risks;
  • Working with senior management to develop the full strategic plan including more detailed objectives, strategic options and strategic programs.
  • Working with senior management to develop:
  • Business plans to show how each business/function will help achieve the strategic direction;
  • An implementation plan to allocate effort and resources for the coming year.

Implementation and Review

  • Working with the board and senior management to develop strategic programs;
  • Assisting with implementation activities e.g. developing scorecards, change management plans, action learning sessions;
  • Facilitating strategy review meetings to monitor implementation, identify emerging issues, assist decision making and improve the strategic management system.

Strategy Professional Development

  • Effective Governance delivers training to enhance strategic insight, practice and decision making.

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Zac Zahner
Managing Director
Zac works closely with boards and management teams to deliver improved governance structure and set strategic objectives. Zac has previously worked with professional chartered accounting practices, as CFO of retail and rental companies and more recently...
James Beck
He has substantial experience in delivering governance, strategic and risk solutions to listed, private, NFP, government and family business clients.
Mark Watson CSC
Senior Advisor
As well as having led public sector and not-for-profit organisations at a senior level, Mark possesses an extensive background in governance including having held senior positions as the principal private secretary to the head of a large Commonwealth...
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