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Board Establishment

The establishment of an organisation’s board is an important and critical phase in preparing that organisation for the next exciting phase of growth. 

We work with organisations to:

  • expertly assist in the formalisation of the organisation’s strategic direction;
  • assess the skills required on the board;
  • developing a board member selection and skills policy;
  • develop of a Board Charter and Director's Manual;
  • develop a code of conduct; and
  • develop any other relevant board policy documents.

The outcomes we assist our clients achieve include:

  • a robust governance framework inclusive of a board charter, policies, processes and procedures that facilitate the board’s operations;
  • a board that complements and supplements the skills of management; and
  • a board that helps to drive growth and the future success of the business. 

For further information on how we can assist your business in the establishment of your board, please contact one of our our lead advisors or request a proposal.