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Individual Director Review

Boards achieve the best result if all the directors are performing to their optimal level and being utilised in areas that complement the skills each person has to contribute. Our individual director review is a self and peer evaluation questionnaire that focuses on the contribution a director makes in the boardroom rather than purely on performance.

Benefits of our individual director review:

  • Identifies each director’s existing skills and knowledge.
  • Ensures the board is working effectively and efficiently.
  • Underpins the organisation’s funding of professional development.
  • Supports improved meeting participation.
  • Ensures that minor issues do not become major problems.
  • Permits the board to have clarity on each director’s contribution and highlight’s areas that they may be able to contribute to.
  • Supports APRA-regulated organisations to meet their responsibilities under the Prudential Standards.
  • Assists publicly listed companies to comply with the ASX principles.

Process for an individual director review:

  • The questionnaire is tailored to your organisation by reviewing what governance, technical, industry and behavioural areas are relevant.
  • The agreed questions are uploaded to our online system and each director is provided a link to the questionnaire, where they are asked to provide an evaluation of the contribution for themselves as well as their peers.
  • Once all directors have completed the online questionnaire, individual reports for each director are created, as well as an overall report for a discussion with the chair.
  • Each director is debriefed by one of our Senior Advisors along with the chair, this session will provide each director with what their peers see as their strongest contributions to the board, as well as any areas for improvement and a clear direction for professional development.

If you have any queries about the process or require more information, please contact us. Or to request a proposal, click here.