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Effective Governance recommendations included in icare governance reform

Effective Governance was engaged by the New South Wales (NSW) Treasury as one of four key external advisors. We provided expert advice to the icare and State Insurance and Care Governance Act (SICG) 2015 Independent Review, conducted by the Independent Reviewer, The Hon Robert McDougall QC.

Our review covered board effectiveness, accountability and addressed the board-management relationship, information flows, risk, culture.  We also assessed overall governance at icare using a maturity model, the Board Maturity Benchmark Assessment (BMBA). 

Of the 22 report findings, the following recommendations made by Effective Governance were adopted by the Hon Robert McDougall QC to include in the independent review:

  • succession planning to include staggered director terms;
  • at least one board member of the board possesses extensive public sector experience and workers compensation insurance experience;
  • specialist members join board committees to ensure sufficient expertise; and
  • the splitting of the Audit and Risk Committee into a separate Audit and a separate Risk Committee. 

Read the full report on the icare governance reform webpage.

Jennifer Tunny
Senior Researcher
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