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Behind closed doors: decision making in the boardroom

By Jennifer Tunny

An article by Hamish Williams (Behind closed doors: decision making in the boardroom) in the Australian Institute of Management’s (AIM) February newsletter makes some important points about board decision making and also provides information on AIM’s Governance Foundations for Senior Managers and Executives program, which was developed by Effective Governance.

The program is aimed at ensuring managers can effectively support their boards in the performance of their key functions including the crucial areas of strategy, risk and compliance. Beginning with an explanation of what corporate governance is and why it is important for executives, the program explains how corporate governance can improve the current role of management in dealing with boards while touching on the contemporary issues facing boards today. With greater insights into what the board needs, managers can learn how provide active and informed guidance to directors to enable them to make better decisions.

Governance Foundations for Senior Managers and Executives is designed for executives in the private and public sector who report to the board, aspire to join a board or have been appointed to a management board. Senior managers reporting to executives who deal with the board and/or write material for their executive to go to the board will also find this program worthwhile.