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Boards That Work: A new guide for directors

Boards That Work: A new guide for directors

A no-nonsense set of practical guidelines that explains what corporate governance is and how it works in the current Australian environment.

Boards that Work is a comprehensive but practical treatment of the complex world of governance, based on the authors’ academic research and extensive consulting experience. It discusses the changing nature of corporate governance and the implications for the modern board. In particular, the book provides a model for addressing the key components of a governance system, while recognising there is no “one size fits all”. It offers suggestions, options and examples on topics including board roles and structure, board process, boardroom functions and ensuring the continual rejuvenation of the board. It does so within a process designed to build a robust and challenging board culture able to meet the challenges of modern corporate governance.

The book is designed to provide practical solutions tailored to individual company needs. It is essential reading for all governance professionals – company directors, chartered secretaries, board members, chairmen, accountants and solicitors.

To order your copy of Board That Work please phone 07 3024 0455 or alternatively email your request to advisors@effectivegovernance.com.au