Customised Governance Professional Development

Governance Professional Development for directors, executives and managers is essential for healthy board-management relationships, and provides the basis for a high performance organisational culture.

It is a key element in optimising board and management performance, enhancing the effectiveness of individual directors, the board and the executives of the organisation.

Directors and executives assimilate governance professional development more fully when it occurs within the context of their own board and the organisation. It enables boards and management teams to address their specific issues and challenges and identify solutions within their organisational settings.

Our Approach to Professional Development

Our professional development programs take an adult-centred, problem posing approach and may include a variety of learning experiences for participants:

Our approach provides program participants with the opportunity to:

Program Design

When designing a program, we believe that consulting closely with our clients will ensure their boards and/or management teams will experience quality and applicable learning. As shown in the diagram below, we use a four-stage approach to design and delivery.

Professional Development Process

Our recent experience in providing customised professional development includes work for clients ranging from leading corporations, government and academic institutions to community organisations.

Professional Development Example Clients

If you are interested in discussing your professional development needs or would like Effective Governance to design a custom professional development programme feel free to contact us.

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