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Board and Committee Charters, Policies and Director Handbooks

A board charter is a policy document defining the respective roles, responsibilities and authorities of the board of directors and management team in terms of the leadership of the organisation.  

Board and committee charters have become a standard tool of most boards and are recommended by the ASX Corporate Governance Council, the Australian Institute of Company Directors and leading governance commentators. 

Effective Governance works with organisations to develop and update board charters, committee charters, board policies and director handbooks annually.  As a suite, these strategic documents are the cornerstone of an organisation’s governance system, they enable a shared understanding of the board's role throughout the organisation and are an important induction tool for new directors.

Our process for board and committee charter development as well as the development of board policies director handbooks has assisted numerous organisations and can assist your board to formulate a leading practice charter. We often undertake this work as part of a board establishment, board review or Board Maturity Benchmark Assessment, as well as on a standalone basis as part of annual review.

For further information on how we can assist your organisation in the development of board and committee charters, policies and director handbooks, please contact us