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Directors, is your board bunkering down to survive or is it governing the organisation to thrive?

Many boards are taking a short-term focus on survival – necessarily so, given the current environment.  However, without a concurrent, proactive focus on governing to thrive, organisations won’t be properly equipped to capitalise on future opportunities.

While future competitive landscapes are not yet clear, organisations must be fit and ready to react. Competitors are now more agile and more strategic – they have to be to survive.  Is your board ensuring that your organisation can respond in the same way? 

Effective Governance’s ‘Survive, Revive, Thrive’ review would prompt your board to ask questions like these:

  • Do you want to see improved board reporting that provides ‘real’ insight into the business, rather than voluminous data?
  • How you know that your revised strategy is driving organisational activity?
  • How do you want to know that the organisation has the ‘right’ culture to thrive in a dynamic and challenging environment?

Read more on our fact sheet about how you can future proof your board or contact Ian Doyle to discuss further.

Cate Jolley
Cate Jolley has been the CEO of Effective Governance, part of the HopgoodGanim Advisory Group, since January 2021. Prior to this, Cate joined the team in 2019 as a Senior Advisor. With more than 20 years of commercial and legal experience, Cate advises...