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Charities and/or non-profit entities

A major driver of governance systems is the regulatory and legal environment in which a Charity and/or Non-Profit organisation operates. Through our extensive experience, we understand the challenges and the opportunities your environment presents, particularly with increasing regulatory obligations through the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit Commission (ACNC).

At Effective Governance we assist you to create a sustainable organisation that balances mission/purpose and business imperatives through value adding governance activities.

Value of Governance

  • Good Governance provides stakeholder confidence for ongoing funding for service delivery of Charities and Not-for-Profits.
  • Compliance with Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit Commission Expectations.
  • The review of the CEO can be a challenging process and discussion, reflecting upon expectations is a healthy and robust process that will improve the relationship of the board and the CEO.

How eG adds value through services we deliver

  • Board charter that clearly establishes the role of the board and the delineation between governance and management
  • Board review to demonstrate the value the board adds to your organisation
  • Board maturity assessment to provide benchmarking of governance systems across different organisations and to assist in increasing non-government funding
  • Committee review to determine the value the committee structure delivers to the governance systems
  • Board skills review to assist with succession planning and director recruitment
  • Director self-peer review to determine the contribution each director provides to the board
  • Director remuneration review to ensure directors are remunerated fairly for the work undertaken and value delivered to your organisation
  • CEO review to ensure a robust performance review process exists which provides the whole board with the opportunity for input
  • Organisational governance review to ascertain how your existing governance system adds value to your organisation
  • Leading practice governance policies and procedures review to ensure board processes are efficient and effective
  • Strategy facilitation to establish and/or provide clarity on the strategic direction
  • Risk facilitation to ensure the board has an agreed risk appetite statement supported by a robust risk framework

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