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Private companies

A major driver of governance systems is the regulatory, legal and ownership environment in which a private company operates.
Through our extensive experience, we understand the challenges and the opportunities your environment presents, particularly with recent court decisions and increasing legal obligations.

At Effective Governance we assist you to create a sustainable organisation that ensures shareholder cohesion through value adding governance activities.

What we can do for you

  • Provide an opportunity for the Board to reflect upon how it adds value to the company.
  • Compliance with the ASX Principles, ensures the company is prepared for IPO or acquisition.
  • The review of the CEO/MD can be a challenging process and discussion, reflecting upon expectations is a healthy and robust process that will improve the relationship of the board and the CEO/Managing Director.

Our services

  • Board review to assess the performance and effectiveness of the board.
  • Board maturity assessment to define the maturity of board processes and policy.
  • Committee review to determine the performance and effectiveness of the committee in assisting the board to perform its functions.
  • Board skills assessment to determine the board's expectation of director skills to drive strategy and performance.
  • Director self and peer review to determine the contribution each director provides to the board.
  • Director remuneration review to ensure directors are remunerated fairly for the work undertaken and value delivered.
  • CEO review to ensure a process exists to assess and review the performance of the CEO, which meets the board's expectations.
  • Governance preparation for IPO to return a higher level of value to the existing shareholders.
  • Organisational governance review to ascertain how your existing governance system adds value to your organisation
  • Board governance policies and procedures to ensure leading practice policies and procedures are in place.
  • Strategy facilitation to assist the board in its role of strategy implementation and overview.
  • Risk governance to ensure the board has an agreed risk appetite statement supported by a board risk policy.

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