Strategy Services

How can your board improve its strategy role?

Strategy is a continual process of shaping the organisation’s resources to achieve its goals. This involves many challenges including the board knowing the organisation’s capabilities and environment well enough to inform strategic thinking, connecting thought and action, and ensuring the right balance between control and responsiveness to change.

Resolving these challenges requires an organisation to develop expertise in two interrelated strategy skills:

Strategy and risk are interrelated. Therefore, any proposed change in strategy has the potential to change an organisation’s risk profile. Our approach to strategy also recognises that it is important for boards to discuss and clarify the organisation’s risk appetite with management as part of the strategy process.

Effective Governance’s suite of services are designed to help the board and management continually improve their skills in strategy insight and practice, and work in partnership to develop and deliver on the organisation’s goals. These services help address the common problems faced by organisations in developing and executing strategy. The figure below illustrates our service offerings.

Strategy Services

Strategy Offerings

Strategy Review

Helps organisations ensure that their strategic management systems continue to be excellent and create long-term value. It involves:

Strategic Direction

This critical stage in the strategy process, which leads directly into strategic planning, involves:

  1. Strategy discussion – dedicated time for strategic thinking and decision-making in a facilitated workshop with the board and/or senior management.
  2. Setting the strategic direction – develops a clear and concise statement of strategic intent for the organisation. It involves pre-work to understand the strategic landscape and a facilitated workshop with the board and senior management to develop or refine the organisation’s key strategy statements (i.e. vision, mission, values, goals and strategy statement).

Strategic Planning

Focuses the organisation on the strategies and programs that will deliver on the strategic direction and begins the process of translating the direction into action by:

Implementation and Review

Effective Governance becomes a strategy development and implementation partner, helping to build the plans and capabilities to successfully execute the strategic direction by:

Strategy Professional Development

Effective Governance delivers training to enhance strategic insight, practice and decision making.

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